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トップ > 「Johnny Jams Piano」で弾く「なんちゃってジャズピアノ」

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Very creative keyboard revision
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Johnny Jams Piano

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.1 or later Software Update

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Touch of genius

What would a musical instrument look like if it was completely redesigned for the iPhone and iPod touch? Not like a piano, guitar or harmonica but like the Johnny Jams, of course. Its innovative keyboard design allows you to use both hands as if you were playing a full-sized instrument. By cleverly holding the device with only the pinkies and thumbs, the rest of your digits are free to jam. Space is maximized by hiding the notes that are not in the scale you are using. This daring move gives you more room for the notes and chords you'll need most often--a feature that is particularly appealing to beginning musicians. The fingering for every chord is the same in every key, be it F#, E, or C. Seasoned musicians will love being able to shift through musical keys using the left hand sharp buttons--it's perfect for jamming and improvising with other players. But how do you find that high note to make them stand up at the end of your solo? Use the accelerometer. This feature allows you to tilt the iphone or iPod touch up for the high notes, down for the low notes and hold flat for the ones in the middle. That's how you turn a 2 by 3 inch screen into a musical instrument. It's perfect for all of us that don't have the time or practice space for that guitar or piano. It's easy enough for a beginner to master quickly, but sophisticated enough for a professional. Forget drumming a tune on the cafe table, Johnny Jams allows you to compose a symphony, jazz tune, or rock anthem on-the-go anywhere.